Welcome Dearest Dreaming Heart

I am shannon Leighty, and I like you, have been exploring my creativity, spirituality, and have been on a healing journey for many moons now. My path has taken many twists and turns over the years and it has landed me here with you, which I am beyond G R A T E F U L for. I have been called many titles...Art Educator, Message Therapist, Artist, Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium, Wholistic Wellness Coach, Stay at home mom and the list continues. The truth is: I am me, Shannon, and you are you (fill in the beautiful blank) and we have been called many titles, but we are so much MORE. I've come to understand recently through getting very quiet and still, that following the tiny whisper in your heart, you know that voice; The one that we like to ignore because it seems "too out there" for normal society or "too BIG" of an undertaking. The one that says, "who gives a shit about your title, how is it making you F E E L and if it F E E L S exciting than GO FOR IT!" So I am listening, and what F E E L S best to me, is to be of service to you and who ever else, through sharing my journey and my tools that have helped me to get quiet and listen. That have helped me to heal and create a life that FEELS good. I believe together we can create a better us and essentially a better planet. Together we can BREAM BIG from a HEArt centered space through Healing, Energy and Art.

Let the HEArt opening begin!

Love and Light friends!